Up Front – Brown’s budget; the fight to save CCSF, 11 years of military detentions at Guantanamo

Governor Jerry Brown has just released his proposed budget for California. The state says the economy’s recovering and tax revenues are going up — so Brown is restoring some limited funding to education and planning to bank a $850 million dollar surplus. Sherry Bebitch Jeffe joins us to look at what’s getting funded, what’s staying cut, and where the fights are brewing in Sacramento; we’ll get response from California Federation of Teachers President Josh Pechthalt.

Then: City College of San Francisco… it’s the largest city and junior college in the country, but an accreditation fight threatens to snuff it out. The school says it’s making changes, fast, to prevent that — but those changes are drawing protests from students and workers.

Plus: It’s been eleven years since the first military detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay. We’ll speak with a torture survivor about the fight to close it.

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