Discreet Music

Discreet Music – January 6, 2013 at 10:00pm

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Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstralwerks
Mariah ParkerSangriaSangriaAncient Future
Mariah ParkerAffinity Minus OneIndo-Latin Jazz: Live at Yoshi'sAncient Future
Mariah ParkerMilo's MomentIndo-Latin Jazz: Live at Yoshi'Ancient Future
Mariah ParkerFor the Watersuntitleddemo
Michael RobinsonAlapOnyx SandsAzure Miles
Andrew PoppyDefinitely DiscoDefinitely Discodemo
Yas-KazWadjiVirgo IndigoCanyon
William BrittelleAcid Rain on the MirrordomeLoving the Chambered NautilusNew Amsterdam
William BrittelleLoon Birds in Meshed CrystalLoving the Chambered NautilusNew Amsterdam
Ang Mo FauxLobbyImprovisationsPalace of Lights
John MartynSolid AirSolid AirUniversal-Island
Claudio Quintet + 1The Snow Is Deep on the GroundWhat Is the Beautiful?Cuneiform
Theo Bleckmann and John HollenbeckRebecca Will Take Your Thoughts to Days Gone ByStatic StillGPE
Frank PahlFar Tangled MannerSongs of War & PeaceAcidsoxx Musicks
Frank PahlQuaker HymnSongs of War & PeaceAcidsoxx Musicks
Sokai StilhedJudicisSokai StilhedSokai Stilhed
Sokai StilhedHold My HandSokai StilhedSokai Stilhed
ElifantreeTic TocTime OutEclipse Music
PixelCall MeReminderCuneiform
PixelCall MeReminderCuneiform
Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie UittiCold CallGramercyMiasmah
Dick AcidsoxxWhiskerbiscuit 2001Apokalypz BugzAcidsoxx Musicks
The ResidentsCaringDemons Dance AloneEastside Digital
The Real Tuesday WeldIt's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Got to Do ItI, LuciferSix Degrees
The Real Tuesday WeldBathtime in ClerkenwellI, LuciferSix Degrees
The BooksThank You-BranchThought for FoodTomlab
The BooksBonanzaThe Lemon of PinkTomlab
The BooksExplanation MarkThe Lemon of PinkTomlab
If, Bwana & Scordatura TrioAll for Al(frun)E (and Sometimes Why)Pogus Productions
Enzo MinarelliThose Who Fear the Pain (use the medicine of religion)FamePogus Productions
Enzo MinarelliSeeking the PharmacopoeiaFamePogus Productions
Sainkho Namchylak & Nick SudnickPlay 1Not Quite SongsLeo

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