APEX Express

APEX Express – December 20, 2012

Tonight we have a special music show that features some of the best Asian American performers around!

Melissa Hung, founding editor of Hyphen magazine, got her first taste of journalism by interviewing Sooyoung Park when he was the frontman for Chicago-based indie rock band Seam.  Tonight, she returns to her roots and interviews  Sooyoung about the reunion tour with his first band, Bitch Magnet.


Bitch Magnet backstage in Lexington

Bitch Magnet backstage in Lexington. Photo by Rosina Thorne.


We also talk with Birdland Mike, founder of Birdland Jazzista Social Club in Berkeley. Birdland builds community through jazz performances and a scrumptious BBQ. Unfortunately, Birdland is closing and Friday will be the final performance.

And finally, we feature movement musicians, Diskarte Namin. San Francisco-born but bred on resistance music from all over the world, Diskarte mixes rock guitar with Latin and hip hop beats, reggae and funk basslines, folk blues and soul vocals, and indigenous influences from the Philippines. Tonight’s interview features the release of Diskarte’s new record kultural guerrillas.


Diskarte Namin in S.F. Chinatown’s Wentworth Alley. Photo by Geneviève Massé

With Hosts RJ and No-No Girl.

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