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Living Room – The anniversary of the Iraq War; 4 plays.

The anniversary of the Iraq War; 4 plays.  Six long years, and still it continues! 

We look at life after Shock and Awe for Iraqis, and how to finally end this war.  Plus: four play from PEN Oakland.  With host Kris Welch, noon to one p.m.

guests: Phyllis Bennis, sr. fellow Institiute for Policy Studies
        Gail Davidson, Vancouver attny, Lawyers Against the War, Canada
        Sasha Crow and Maha, in Amman, Jordan, with Collateral Repair Project
        Nabil al Hadithy, Iraqi-American with family displaced in Iraq

        Opal Palmer Adisa, award-winning poet, novelist, playwright
        Claire Ortalda, award-winning fiction writer
        Carla Blank, writer (Rediscovering America), editor, director


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