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Democracy Now! – December 17, 2012

“We Can’t Tolerate This Anymore”: Obama Vows Action After Worst Grade School Massacre in U.S. History; Debate: After Newtown, Will Nation’s Worst-Ever Grade School Shooting Spur Tougher Gun Control?; Egypt’s Referendum Clears 1st Round, But Critics Seek Revote After Charges of Rigged Polls.


    First Funerals Held for Victims of Newtown Massacre
    Obama Vows Action on Gun Violence at Newtown Vigil
    Calls for Gun Control, Mental Health Services at White House Vigil
    Feinstein Vows to Reintroduce Assault Weapons Ban
    Report: Admin Scrapped Gun Reforms Ahead of 2012 Election
    Nationwide Shootings, Threats After Newtown Massacre
    Opposition Claims Rigged Vote as Egypt Referendum Approved
    25 Reportedly Killed in Attack on Syrian Refugee Camp
    20 Killed in Bombings of Shiite Sites in Iraq
    Toll in Philippines Typhoon Hits 1,020
    U.S. Rejects New U.N. Treaty on Internet Governance
    Wal-Mart Workers Stage Protests in U.S. and 9 Other Countries
    California Church Threatened for Hosting Muslim Group’s Convention

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