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Democracy Now! – December 10, 2012

2012 Nobel Peace Prize Goes to the European Union amid Opposition from Three Former Laureates; Does the EU Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Critics Condemn Role in Brutal Greek AusterityNorwegian Peace Activist: Top Role in Global Arms Trade Makes EU Unworthy of Nobel Prize; A “Radical Idea” Reversed: Author Says Nobel Committee Has Betrayed Founder’s Anti-Military Intent; “Incredibly Disappointed”: Civil Groups Decry Weak COP18 Deal amid Deadly Proof of Climate Change.

December 10, 2012

    Egypt’s Opposition Rejects Constitution Vote; Morsi Gives Army Arrest Powers
    Afghanistan: Female Official Shot Dead amid Mounting Attacks on Gov’t Figures
    Report: U.S. Military Has Detained More Than 200 Afghan Youths
    U.N. Climate Talks Conclude with Weak Deal to Extend Kyoto Protocol
    Death Toll from Philippines Typhoon Rises to Nearly 650; Hundreds Still Missing
    Balkans: 6 Dead amid Heavy Snow, Freezing Cold
    Protesters Blast Awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to European Union
    Chávez Picks Potential Successor Before Returning to Cuba for Cancer Surgery
    Sen. Corker: GOP Could Relent on Tax Hikes in Bid to Slash Benefits
    California: 5 Dead After Shooting Rampage on Native American Reservation
    Supreme Court to Hear 2 Same-Sex Marriage Cases
    Same-Sex Couples Wed on Historic Day in Washington State
    Film “Harvest of Empire” Among Winners at International Documentary Awards


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