Making Contact

Making Contact – February 27, 2004

Legacies of War
During wartime, the U.S. public is barraged with images and information about the current military offensive. But how much do we know about the effects that conflict has on war-torn regions years after the violence has ended? In many cases, countries recovering from war suffer from extremely high unemployment, environmental illness, limited access to resources and an absence of democracy. On this edition of Making Contact, we’ll take a look at the Legacies of War – the aftermath of military conflicts, which take a toll on people worldwide. Featuring: Vietnamese villagers, Toong, Tien Tam and Tuan; Mike MacGuire, Australian Vietnam War Veteran; Lee Soo Man, Head of the Vietnam Agent Orange Korean Veterans Association; Dzavit Azari, Bosniak; Emrus Huduti, Recane’s Local Community Chief; Merlit Milicevic, Teacher at Recane Primary School; Mustafa Balje, Bosniak Language Bi-monthly Alem; Roma women: Bease Selimi and Miradije Ibeciri; Rustem Ibisi, Milke Community Leader; and Nusret Hasani, Vraniste villager.

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