The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – November 23, 2012 at 10:00pm

this episode is no longer available


Peter Conheim, Don.

Randy Neuman and The Who ease us into this Satanic mix, including Lucifer’s history and tactics, Boris Karloff on the history of horror in movies with examples, an extended Led Zep Dazed And Confused live, a few Doo Wop Devil songs, and we end with our special tribute to Thanksgiving – The Weatherman’s recording of his mom and grandmom fixing Thanksgiving dinner in 1983.

Three hours.



Al Eaton - Paris - Skyler JettHistory of Funk intro songdemo--
Larry Graham & Graham Central StationThrow-N-Down The FunkRaise UpRazor & Tie
QuazarFunk`n' Roll (Dancin' In The "Funkshine")Funk With A Big FootArista
Rick JamesYou and IRick James Anthology 1Motown
Junie MorrisonTechno-Freqs (ReMix 12" Vocal)Evacuate Your SeatsIsland
ZootzillaThe Funky Conduit Remix 11-16-12Stanky & Long remixes
Larry Graham & Graham Central StationNow Do U Wanta Dance (The New Master)Raise UpRazor & Tie
Ronkat Spearman's KatdelicIntgellegiantD.O.T.M.S.
Gabe "Undisco Kidd" GonzalezWhole Lot Of LoveA Negative NuisanceRawfunk
Baby ElephantEven StrangerTurn my teeth up!
Weapon of ChoiceColor Me FunkyColor Me Funky
HeatwavePut The Word OutCentral HeatingLegacy
Ronkat Spearman's KatdelicKeep On LovingD.O.T.M.S.
Larry Graham & Graham Central StationNo WayRaise UpRazor & Tie
ZootzillaLord Of The WolvesTo Lie With WolvesFlamoneous
Gabe "Undisco Kidd" GonzalezTheme From The Black TrollA Negative Nuisance
Dr. IllensteinClonesListen While I Tell You Of The Clones
the funkasaurusanother funken lessonNew Funk orderRawfunk
Digi DonzShake Yo ButtUrban Psychodelic Fonk
Bootsy's Rubber BandAnother Point of ViewStretchin' Out In
B.T. ExpressThis House Is Smokin'Best Of B.T. Express
Junie MorrisonStick It InEvacuate Your Seats
Ronkat Spearman's KatdelicDance on the MothershipD.O.T.M.S.
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