Making Contact

Making Contact – Native Harvest for a Modern World (ENCORE)

For centuries, the Taos Pueblo people in New Mexico lived entirely off their land. Sustainable agriculture was a way of life, but U.S. federal policies helped put an end to that. Food wasn’t grown at the pueblos; it was trucked in. Traditional farming gave way to government subsidies and obesity rates soared. But recently, a surprising agricultural renaissance has taken root across the pueblos. On this edition, Making Contact’s Rita Daniels takes us to the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico to share a story of rebirth and renewal.

This program was partially funded by the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, and the Seed Fund at the Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

Featuring: Leonard Archuleta, Taos Pueblo Farmer and Red Willow Co-operative Member; Shirley Trujillo, Red Willow Farmers Market Manager; Joel Glanzberg, Native American Permaculture Teacher; Deryl Lujan, Taos Pueblo Rancher; Shawn Duran, Red Willow Education Center Director; Ezra Bales, Pueblo Day School Wellness Coordinator; Hillary Duran, University of New Mexico at Taos Student and Red Willow Education Center Intern.

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