Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – The Gradual Radicalisation of a Black Woman in San Francisco

In the midst of intense anti-war sentiment, strikes and protests were swelling throughout the United States, as students, faculty and staff expressed demands for Black Studies Departments, including at was then known as San Francisco State College. Judy Juanita knew that she had participated in an historic event and tried to write about it many times. Though she thought she did not have the chops to do the job, she kept trying. She would write down events, stories, names, facts, incidents and recollections. Judy Juanita would keep these records with her no matter where she moved or what phase of her life she was going through. Eventually, she would take fiction-writing, poetry-writing and play-writing workshops, developing her skill as a writer.This mother, grandmother, author, playwright and poet has been teaching English and Critical Writing at Laney College in Oakland CA for two decades. Judy Juanita, lover of literature, has now completed her first novel: Virgin Soul. On Hear Judy Juanita describe the gradual radicalisation of a young Black woman during the 1960’s.

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