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Making Contact – Education Not For Sale

Around the world, students have been taking to the streets. They’re opposed to rising tuition fees and cuts to education.  On this edition, we’ll hear how students in Quebec, helped bring down the government and why Chilean students are back out on the streets again.  We’ll also speak to an activist in Puerto Rico who says she’s had enough of US-style higher education.


*Leah Pelletier-Marcotte*, McGill University student; *Michelle
*, McGill University professor; *Salome Natali*, Bois Boulogne College
student; *Jeremie Bedard Wein* CLASSE co-spokesperson; *Camila Vallejo*,
University of Chile Student Federation vice-president; *Noam Titelman*,
Catholic University Student Federation president

* *
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International Students Movement

Students Gain After Strike in Puerto Rico   More Violence
in Puerto Rico as University Student Fee is Imposed
  Student Strike at University of Puerto Rico Enters 28th Day
Quebec Student Protests: 2,500 Arrests And Counting
  Casserole protests ring out across Quebec
  On Strike: Quebec Students Boycott Classes for 12 Weeks to Protest
Proposed Tuition Hikes
  Chilean Student Movement Awarded for Organizing Nation’s Largest Protests
Since Pinochet Era
Dozens injured after clashes on day two of Chile’s strike
  Chile student protests point to deep discontent

Chile, the country Pinochet terrorised, is no longer afraid

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