Up Front, October 30, 2012 – October 30, 2012

Understanding “Frankenstorm”; A 14 ft Storm surge hit the East Coast shutting off power, flooding subway tunnels, and even beaching an oil tanker ship. Eugene Cordero , Professor of Meteorology, Climate Change, and Atmospheric Dynamics, at San Jose State University Speaks with Brian Edwards Tiekert about whether or not we can link this storm to climate change, and what we can expect in the future.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, The Treatment of Prisoners During Natural Disasters;As parts of New York were being evacuated for Hurricane Irene, there was one portion of New York that was a designated by Mayor Bloomberg as a “white area” meaning it shouldnt be evacuated under any circumstances. This was Rikers Island. a water locked prison housing 12,000 inmates. Lisa Ortega , An Activist for New York City Jails Action Coalition Speaks with Brain Edwards Tiekert about the treatment of prisoners during natural disasters. AlsoRenee Feltz a Producer for Democracy Now , working In the Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan Speaks with Brian Edwards Tiekert about experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Prop 39, Income Tax Increase for Multi State Business ; Proposition 39 is on the california Ballot. Its purpose is to require multi-state businesses to pay income tax based on how many sales they make in California. It also seeks to dedicate a 5 year revenue for clean and efficient energy projects. Brian Edwards Tiekert speaks with Tom Del Beccaro , Chairman of the California Republican Party , as well as Senator Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles about where they both Stand on this bill.

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