Making Contact

Making Contact – COINTELPRO 101 (Part 1) ENCORE EDITION

It took 40 years to build ACORN, the national community organization which at its peak had more than half a million members.  But it took just a few months to bring it down.  Now, local organizers are trying to rebuild from the ground up, while not forgetting the lessons they learned.*  *On this edition, the assassination of ACORN.  And a look at how the groups’ absence is affecting elections, poverty, and the continuing housing crisis?

Special thanks to Demos, and to Race, Poverty & the Environment.


*Steve Kest, *former ACORN executive director*; John Atlas, *author of *‘Seeds of Change’, *the *Story of ACORN*, *America’s Most Controversial
Anti-Poverty Community Organizing Group;** **Annie McKinzie & Bill Chorneau*,
former ACORN Oakland members; *Bertha Lewis*, former ACORN CEO and chief
organizer; *Morris Hilter,* *Denise Hilton, Travis*, ACORN Tampa members; *John
McCain*, US Senator; *Ina Gutierrez*, Interfaith Worker Justice deputy director of operations; *Tasha Alberty, *Oakland homeowner facing foreclosure*; Martha Daniels, *Oakland ACORN organizer;* Vivian Richardson, *San Francisco homeowner facing foreclosure*; Grace Martinez, *San Francisco ACCE community organizer;* Nealie Yarbrough, Ian Haddow*, San Francisco ACCE members.

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