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As U.S. Death Toll in Afghanistan Passes 2,000 Mark, Phyllis Bennis on America’s Longest War; Va. Tech Shooting Survivor Recounts 2007 Massacre and Urges Obama, Romney to Address Gun Violence; “Guns Are an Idea Whose Time Has Passed”: Poet, Scholar Nikki Giovanni on the Va. Tech Massacre.

October 2, 2012

    Iran’s Currency Hits Record Low Under Weight of Western Sanctions
    Israel to Skip U.N. Meeting on Nuke-Free Middle East
    U.S. Considering Military Strikes in North Africa
    September Iraq’s Deadliest Month in 2 Years
    U.S. Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 3 Ahead of Weekend Protest
    5 Convicted Bahraini Medics Jailed in Pre-Dawn Raids
    New York Files $20B Fraud Suit Against JPMorgan Chase
    Amex to Pay $112.5M over Credit Card Abuses
    Obama, Romney Campaign in Colorado Ahead of Debate
    GOP Cuts Ties with Firm Linked to Voter Fraud
    Wal-Mart Protesters Detained in Support of Striking Workers
    D.C. Protesters Mark Occupy Anniversary
    Scientist, Environmentalist Dr. Barry Commoner Dies at 95

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