Making Contact

Making Contact – The Burning Issue: America’s War on Fire

This year it made major news, but every summer wildfires torch thousands of acres of land. The National Forest Service rushes to the rescue; to save lives, homes, and communities. But is the agency’s approach to fire doing more harm than good?  On this edition, producer George Lavender takes a closer look at the “War on Fire”, from the forests of California to the halls of Congress.


*Lorena Gorbett*, Mountain Maidu tribal member; *Debbie Miley*, National Wildfire Suppression Association Executive Director; *Chuck Striplen*, environmental scientist; *Tom Tidwell*, National Forest Service Chief; *Carmen Moon*, The Natives crew boss, *Darryl Stockdale*, aviation contractor; *Timothy Ingalsbee*, Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology (FUSEE) co-founder; *Brent Johnson*, National Parks botanist; *Valentine Lopez*, *Amah* Mutsun *Tribal* Band Chair, *Howard Hunter*, Chips fire information officer; *Scott Stephens*, UC Berkeley associate professor of fire science.

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