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Democracy Now! – August 31, 2012

Backed by Record Campaign War Chest, Romney Accepts GOP Presidential Nomination in Tampa; Top GOP Strategist Karl Rove Loses Cool Under Questioning from “Boss Rove” Author Craig Unger; Amy Goodman Questions Top GOP Donor David Koch: Does Concentration of Wealth Subvert Democracy?; Clint Eastwood Delivers Rambling RNC Speech Featuring “Invisible Obama” in Empty Chair; Glenn Greenwald on the Justice Dept.’s Rejection of CIA Torture Prosecutions After 3-Year Probe; “Democracy Is Not A Business”: Bringing Progressive Voice to RNC, CODEPINK Disrupts Romney Speech; The Romney-Koch Handshake: Network TV Misses Revealing Moment Between Nominee & Billionaire at RNC; Key Florida “Stand Your Ground” Backer Bill Bunting Questioned on Killing of Trayvon Martin; Near Where RNC Attendees Harassed a CNN Camerawoman, Alabama Delegate Discusses Black Support of GOP; Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law in Ruling That Could Help Decide 2012 Election.

August 31, 2012

    3 Killed in New Jersey Shooting
    Romney Accepts GOP Nomination
    Justice Dept. Rejects Prosecutions for CIA Torture
    Federal Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law
    Isaac Heads West as Gulf Coast Recovery Effort Begins
    Admin Allows “Preparatory Activities” for Shell Drilling in Arctic
    IAEA: Iran Doubles Enrichment Machines at Underground Site
    Iran Leader Renews Call for Nuclear-Free World
    Mursi: Solidarity With Syrian Uprising an “Ethical Duty”
    Ban Criticizes Iranian Gov’t for Israel Comments, Holocaust Denial
    Panel Rejects Coup Claims in the Maldives
    South Africa Charges Miners in Mass Killing
    Canada Orders Deportation of U.S. War Resister
    Bradley Manning Trial Set for February 2013

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