Cover to Cover with Jack Foley

Cover to Cover with Jack Foley – August 29, 2012

Today’s show is an interview with Donald Sidney-Fryer reading from what he says will “probably” be his last books, “The Atlantis Fragments: The Novel” and “The Golden State Phantastics: The California Romantics and Related Subjects: Collected Essays and Reviews.” Sidney-Fryer writes, “It was the poetry and prose of Clark Ashton Smith that changed me into a writer,” and “The Golden State Phantastics” deals not only with Smith but with other “neglected but not forgotten” masters such as George Sterling, Ambrose Bierce (as poet), Nora May French, Robert E. Howard and Francis Marion Crawford. “The Atlantis Fragments: The Novel” begins, “We live on the shores of a vast and mysterious sea of stars and space. The solar system to which belongs our planet Aorth makes up but one spark of vastitude amid an immense ocean of similar sparks, the galaxy. To this galaxy belongs our solar system in turn. Until recently our sages and savants of Atlantis for a long time understood the galaxy to make up the entire universe, as visible from our planet by telescope or by the unaided eye. But in the last hundred years or so the creation of ever more powerful telescopes has revealed quite a different picture.” Part two.

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