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Democracy Now! – August 29, 2012

RNC Launches with Tea Party’s Ted Cruz, Ann Romney and a “We Built It” Theme Shaped by Karl Rove; Mitt & Ann Romney Cast Aside “Moderate” Record on Abortion, Social Issues in Appeal to Extremist GOP; Presidential Hopeful Rocky Anderson: Dems, GOP United in Stymying Third-Party Candidacies in U.S.; Despite Focus on Convention Floor, Major Decisions at RNC Made by Wealthy Donors Behind Closed Doors; Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana, Threatening New Orleans With Heavy Flooding; Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules; In Ascent to GOP’s Top Ranks, “Money & Pandering” Leads Paul Ryan to Drop Opposition to Cuba Embargo.

August 29, 2012

    Isaac Makes Landfall, Threatening Flooding in New Orleans
    United Nations Sees “Dramatic” Increase in Syria Refugees
    Gaza May Not Be Livable in 2020, Warns United Nations
    Corrie Family to Israel Verdict Clearing Military
    French Court Opens Probe of Arafat’s Death
    Mexico Apologizes for Shooting of CIA Operatives
    RNC Opens With Romney-Ryan Nomination, Delegate Dispute
    Ann Romney, Chris Christie Featured in RNC Speeches
    RNC Protesters Detained for Seeking to Arrest Rice
    Ohio Secretary of State Fires 2 Officials Who Sought to Extend Voting Hours
    Court Rules Texas Redistricting Discriminated Against People of Color
    Pennsylvania GOP Senate Candidate: Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancies Akin to Rape
    Brazil Resumes Construction of $11 Billion Controversial Dam
    Tutu Drops Out of Event over Inclusion of Former U.K. PM Tony Blair


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