The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – August 10, 2012 at 10:00pm

this episode is no longer available


Does Satan exist? Let’s find out with preachers on The Devil’s domains, the root of all evil,  Reverend Empe on Hell and it’s purpose, and some evil praising songs from Zacherly.

3 Hours.


ParliamentFunkentelechyFunkentelechy vs the Placebo SyndromeCasablanca
Al Eaton - Paris - Skyler JettHistory of Funk intro songdemo-
ParliamentThe Big Bang TheoryGloryhallastupidMercury
ZootZillaLong Gone Fishin'To Lie With WolvesFlamoneous
Weapon of ChoiceI Like Your BodyHighperspiceLoosegroove
Sly & the Family StoneDance to the MusicWoodstock ExperienceEpic
Brides of FunkensteinRide OnLive at the Howard Theater
Chuck BrownBlock PartyWe're About the Business
Brides of FunkensteinDisco to GoFunk or Walk
DAwn SilvaBreak Me offAll My Funky Friends
Blackbird#06Bout Funkin' Time
ZootzillaParasite Dooky DropTo Lie With Wolves
Dawn SilvlaDisco to GoAll My Funky Friends
PTFIEverywhereWho the Funk is PTFI?Eula Music
Sly & the Family StoneM'LadyLive @ the Fillmore
Dennis CoffeyHair & GritsHair & thangs
MonophonicsFoolish LoveIn Your Brain
ParliamentThis is the way We Funk With YouParliament Live
DumpstaphunkLivin in a world gone madListen Hear
New Trinity REvolutionJust do it9
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