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DREAM Activist: I Infiltrated Florida Facility to Expose How U.S. Still Detaining Youth Immigrants; Chevron Oil Refinery Fire in Richmond, California Forces Over 900 Residents to Hospitals; Texas Executes Man With IQ of 61; State Cites Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” To Justify Killing.

August 8, 2012

    Ex-Girlfriend of Sikh Temple Shooter Arrested
    New Details Emerge on Wisconsin Shooter’s White Supremacist Past
    Jared Loughner Pleads Guilty to Tucson Shootings
    Report: School Psychiatrist Warned Police About Aurora Shooter James Holmes
    Syrian Gov’t Launches Long-Awaited Assault on Aleppo
    Syrian Regime Gets Public Backing from Iranian Official
    Egyptian Air Strikes Kill 20 Near Israeli Border
    Bahrain: 15 Cops Charged with Mistreating Medics During Protest Crackdown
    Hundreds of Thousands Displaced by Philippine Flooding
    Obama Unveils New Aid for Historic Drought
    Firm Formerly Known as Blackwater Agrees to Pay $7.5 Million Fine in Arms Smuggling Case
    U.S. Air Force Trainer Gets 30 Days in Jail Amid Military Sex Scandal
    OWS Joins Direct Action Against Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim

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