The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 14, 2004

  • President Bush announces plans to send humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond – critics say the election-year initiative could renew a military space race
  • Seniors and disabled people who depend on in-home care to keep them out of nursing homes rally to oppose Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed severe cuts to the in-home support services program
  • The California Arts Council convenes a meeting to discuss the funding crisis for the arts – spending has dropped from a dollar to 3 cents per resident
  • Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy accuses President Bush of having forced Americans into an unnecessary conflict in Iraq
  • A 22 year old Palestinian Woman blows herself up at the Israel-Gaza border, killing 3 Israeli soldiers and a private security guard
  • Andrew Fastow, the former Chief Financial Officer of Enron, pleads guilty to criminal charges and agrees to help the government build a case against the former chairman and former CEO of the bankrupt energy giant

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