APEX Express

APEX Express – August 2, 2012


With the Summer comes the fruits of our labor (literally) – harvest time is approaching and everyone’s gardens are poppin’ with the fortune of food. At the same time, Summer sets a beautiful stage for sharing and celebrating community. This week’s APEX celebrates two incredible stories of Chinese communities organizing and building legacies of defending land and life.

  • The powerful documentary Waking the Green Tiger.  With special coverage of China’s grassroots environmental movement, it tells the compelling stories of environmental struggles across the country, including how villagers organized and rose up to fight the development of dams along the Yangtze River.  Plus, an exclusive interview with producer/filmmaker Gary Marcuse.

  • Happy 40th Anniversary Chinese Progressive Association!  I had the honor of sitting down with long-time activist and CPA co-founder Pam Tau Lee, to hear about CPA’s deep history of organizing the Chinese community in San Francisco over the past 4 decades – including stories of the I-Hotel struggle.

With Host Ellen Choy.

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