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Stephen Lewis: As World Spends Trillions on War and Bank Bailouts, Little Money Left to Fight AIDS; The Berlin Patient: Timothy Ray Brown Speaks Out on Being First Man “Cured” of HIV; Rev. Canon Byamugisha Makes History as 1st African Religious Leader to Reveal HIV-Positive Status.

July 27, 2012

    Syrian Forces, Rebels Clash in Aleppo; U.S. Fears “Massacre”
    Severe U.S. Thunderstorms Threatening Ozone Layer
    Arms Treaty Talks Continue at U.N. Before Deadline
    Aurora Victim Laid to Rest; School Denies Report Package Arrived Before Shooting
    Thousands Protest Mexican TV Station for Alleged Election Bias
    Romney Draws U.K. Rebuke for Criticizing London Olympics
    Bhopal Victims Stage “Special Olympics” in India
    Palestinian Hunger Striker Ends 103-Day Fast
    Israel Seeks to Displace Palestinians for West Bank Military Site
    U.S. Poverty Rate Expected to Hit 50-Year High
    Ex-Citigroup CEO: Break Up the Mega-Banks
    NYPD Officer Filmed Slamming Young Man to Ground During ‘Stop and Frisk’ Search
    Audio Recording Reveals Discovery of NYPD Spying on Muslims in New Jersey


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