Making Contact

Making Contact – The Olympic Games: Who Wins?

The Olympic Games have grown into a multibillion dollar industry.  But with that growth comes concerns about the negative affects of the event on the people and places where the Games take place. On this edition, we ask who wins, and who loses, when the Olympics come to town? Vancouver 2010.  London 2012.  And Denver, the only city to ever turn down the Olympics.


*Tom Wingate,  *London Metropolitan Police Olympic Community Relations Team*, Estelle du Boulay, *director of Newham Monitoring Project,*  Dominic Taylor, *author of ‘Stop Search’,* Rebekah Delsol*,* *Open Society Justice Initiative,* Helen Jefferson Lenskyj*, former Professor of Sociology at Toronto University and author, *Dick Lamm*, activist in the campaign against the Denver Olympics and former Governor, *Ellen Woodsworth*, former Vancouver city councilor, *Jean Swanson*, founder of End Legislated Poverty


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