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Making Contact – Ban the Box! The Campaign for Post-Prison Employment (ENCORE EDITION)

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It’s not even the crime that counts sometimes. Or the time in prison. It’s that little box on an application that asks you to reveal if you have a criminal history. Checking that box can mean the difference between failure and success.  On this edition, the nationwide movement to ‘ban-the-box’, and make criminal histories less of a stigma.

Thanks to The Omnia Foundation for partial funding for this program.


Marilyn Austin-Smith*, formerly incarcerated, and member of All of Us or None; *Michelle Natividad Rodriguez*, National Employment Law Project Attorney; *Mike Casey*, Unite Here! Local 2 President; *Mike Hannigan*, Give Something Back company director; *Donald Washington, Juan Filomeno, Shirley Hollis*, formerly incarcerated; *Lois Ahrens*, Real Cost of Prisons Project prisoner advocate; Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts; *Aaron Tanaka,* Boston Workers Alliance Executive Director; *Michael Corwin. *Private investigator; *Julie Roberts*, Northeastern University School of Law board of directors’ member

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 “Too Little, Too Late,” by James Alan Fox

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 Ex-offenders and the Labor Market by John Schmitt and Kris Warner* *