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In the first half hour of today’s Radio Chronicles, Paulette Harper, an ordained minister, talks about how writing her book, That Was Then This is Now: This Broken Vessel Restored, has helped her overcome emotional, spiritual and physical challenges, including the desire to take her own life. In the second half hour, Audrey Hogg shares stories of inspiration that motivated her to write If My People Pray: A Global Call to Prayer, a worldwide call to action. Also, multi talented Iyanla Van Zandt incorporates humour, agony, pain and politics in her story of the impact of prayer, which she recently shared at the Tavis Smiley Presents the 10th Anniversary of the Sate of the Black Union. For information on That Was Then, This is Now: This Broken Vessel Restored, go to . For more information about If My People Pray: A Global Call to Prayer, contact Audrey Hogg via email at . To learn more about the Black State of the Union, go to . Celebrate the beginning of Women's History Month with today's guests, Paulette Harper, Audrey Hogg and Iyanla Van Zandt, today on the Radio Chronicles. Hosted and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.

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