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Citizens United, Part 2? Supreme Court Overturns Montana Law Banning Corporate Spending on Elections; Dark Money: Inside the Final Frontier of Unlimited Political Spending (Part 2); Bill McKibben of on Colorado Wildfires, Debby, Keystone XL and the Failure of Rio+20.

June 27, 2012

    Appeals Court Backs EPA Regulation of Carbon Emissions Through Clean Air Act
    Admin Approves Section of Keystone XL Pipeline, Activists Deliver Petition
    U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan
    Over 100 Killed in Syria as Assad Cites “Real War”
    U.N.: Human Rights Violations, Sectarian Killings on Rise in Syria
    NATO Backs Turkey in Syria Row; Downed Jet Entered Syrian Airspace
    Sudanese Protest Austerity Measures Despite Crackdown
    Senate Reaches Student Loan Deal; Part-Timers to Face Limits
    Veteran Lawmakers Hatch, Rangel Win Primaries
    NY Launches Probe of Tax-Exempt Groups’ Campaign, Lobbying Ties
    Colorado Wildfire Spreads; 32,000 More Evacuated
    Stockton, California to Declare Bankruptcy
    Report: Lawmakers Tied to Hundreds of Millions in Firms with Business Before Congress
    Lawmakers Shifted Holdings After Talks with Admin During Financial Crisis

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