Making Contact

Making Contact – Population Control or Population Justice?

Shrinking the world’s population is one way to curb global warming, according to some environmentalists. To make that happen, women need to be in control of their own fertility. But those perspectives are very controversial. On this edition: how environmentalism can lead down a slippery slope to population control, and even anti-immigrant policies. Can an emerging movement for ‘population justice’ save our planet while respecting women’s rights?

Special thanks to Mary Wohlford Foundation for funding this program.


*Laurie Mazur, *author of “A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice and the
Environmental Challenge”; *Jade Sasser*, Loyola Marymount Univ.’s women’s
studies incoming professor; *Elizabeth Barajas-Roman*, National Latina
Institute for Reproductive Health policy director; *Ben Zuckerman*, former
Sierra Club board member

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National Geographic, “Population 7 Billion”

BBC, “The World at 7 Billion”

The Economist, “Horrid History”

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