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Prop 28 & 29, Film “Killing Floor”, Education for the 99%, Marin Charter School, Coit Tower, Measure B – May 28, 2012

High tech, high style, high rises… sometimes it’s all just another name for high on the hog. Just another expensive toy to distract us while high tech drones kill kids overseas.

And, sometimes high tech is something different… Today we talk to Ethel Long-Scott of Women’s Economic Agenda Project and Shamako Noble from the Hip Hop Congress about what could be positive for poor folks in our new technology-based economy as we begin a 5 part series called “Building our Vision”.

Also, the charter school industry has its sights trained on the public Waldorf school in San Geronimo Valley in west Marin County. Robert Ovetz has a commentary.

“The Killing Floor,” the real story of the Chicago labor wars of 1919 with Alfre Woodard and Moses Gunn is being re-released and the director, Elsa Rassbach talks about the film.

During World War 2, FDR helped put Americans back to work with the New Deal Public Works Art Project, the WPA murals in San Francisco’s Coit Tower are a testament to that time. Next Tuesday, S.F. voters will go to the polls to vote on Proposition B to decide whether those murals will get a badly needed restoration…and at what cost? We’ll speak with historian Gray Brechin and Ruth Gottstein, daughter of one of the Coit Tower muralists, Bernard Zakheim, about Prop. B.

Plus, a look at Propositions 28 and 29 on the next Tuesday’s California State Ballot. Proposition 28 is about extending the term limits for California legislators. Proposition 29 is the one we know well because big tobacco is spending lots of money telling us to vote “no” to another buck-a-pack tax on cigarettes. Guests: Darien De Lu, activist with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Jim Lindburg, Friends Committee on Legislation in California and Sue Caro of the Alameda County Republican Party.

Production support from Shelley Berman, Anthony Fest and Wesley Burton

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