The Morning Show

The Morning Show – December 23, 2003

7:00 am
Pakistan Selling Secrets. Guest Amit Pal, managing editor, The Progressive.

7:30 am
Claire Cummings, food and farming editor talks with Ross Gelbspan,

8:00 am
Joan Didion, whose latest work is Where I Was From.

8:30 am
The KPFA Local Station Board Elections, featuring candidates Marnie Tattersall, Michael Lubin, Bill Callison, and Fadi Saba. For more on the elections visit

Today’s Segue Music:

1- CD Title: Super Natural
Artisit: Santana CUT#: 13 ( nt sure of title)

2- CD Title: Instrumental Peace
Artist: Barry Flanagan/R. Carlos Nakai (BMI) CUT#1: Kyoto

3- CD Title: Buddha Bar III (Disk 2)
Artist: Freeman CUT#: My Dear Masters

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