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Democracy Now! – May 16, 2012

As NATO Meets in Chicago, Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn Condemn “Militarized Arm of the 1 Percent”; “What Have We Been Doing?”: Decorated Veteran Aaron Hughes to Return War Medals at Anti-NATO Protest; FBI Crackdown on Anti-War Groups Targets Chicano, Brown Beret Activist Carlos Montes.

May 16, 2012

    DOJ Probes JPMorgan Chase for $2 Billion Loss
    Boehner Revives Debt Limit Threat
    DEA Accused of Role in Killing of 4 Civilians in Honduras
    Syrian Troops Kill 21 Civilians; Rebels Get Weapons Boost
    Israeli Troops Wound Palestinian “Nakba” Protesters
    France Inaugurates Hollande as New President
    Greece to Hold New Elections After Unity Talks Fail
    Charges Unveiled in Rebekah Brooks Phone-Hacking Case
    Virginia House Denies Judgeship to Openly Gay Prosecutor
    Investigation: Texas Executed Innocent Man in 1989
    Medical Report Claims Zimmerman Had Injuries After Martin Killing
    Mexican Novelist Carlos Fuentes Dies at 83

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