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Playwright Tony Kushner Hails Obama’s Support for Same-Sex Marriage: “I Felt the Earth Move”; Maurice Sendak (1928-2012): Tony Kushner on the Life and Legacy of Legendary Children’s Author; Tony Kushner on the Overlooked “Radicalism” and Lessons of Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency; Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Leads U.S. Peace Caravan to Expose Drug War’s Human Toll.

May 10, 2012

    Obama Voices Support for Same-Sex Marriage
    Dozens Killed in Syrian Bomb Blasts
    U.S. Missile Strike Kills 5 in Yemen
    U.S. Hosts Bahraini Prince as Monarchy Vows Harsher Crackdown
    Greek Left Drops Bid for Coalition Gov’t
    E.U. Delays Greek Loan Pending Coalition Talks
    Hundreds Protest Bank of America in Charlotte
    DOJ to File Civil Rights Suit Against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Parents of Captive U.S. Soldier Reveal Secret Talks on Prisoner Swap
    Report: NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” Heavily Targets Black, Latino Men
    Vermont Set to Become 1st State to Ban Fracking
    U.S. Sees Warmest 12 Months on Record

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