The Morning Mix

The Morning Mix – May 3, 2012

An interviewing with Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director of the Violence Policy Cente to discuss how the gun industry has finally found a legal way to evade California’s Assault Weapon Ban, the most effective one in the nation. They have devised a mechanism that is easy to install called the “Bullet Button” because the shooter can use the tip of a bullet to quickly release a magazine and replace it with a new full magazine. 

Under existing California law an assault weapon cannot be sold or possessed unless it has a fixed magazine making it much slower to reload. This nefarious industry has been trying to penetrate our market since the ban went into effect – and now they have figured out a way to do! we will discuss what can be done to beat back the push to dump more of these weapons of war into our communities.
Also have the latest installment from the Poor News Network and some very cool music. It is also Pledge Drive so be prepared to help yourself by being generous to YOUR radio station – KPFA!!!
With hosts Anita Johnson and Andres Soto.

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