Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – December 14, 2003

Special Pacifica Broadcast: "The Capture of Saddam Hussein – What Now?"

Co-hosted by Larry Bensky, at KPFA, Berkeley, and Verna Avery Brown from
Washington, D.C.

Guests include:

Roger Normand, Center for Economic and Social Rights (

Phyllis Bennis, Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for Policy Studies,
Washington D.C. (
(See article by Stephen Zunes on IPS web site:

John Quigley, Professor of International Law, Ohio State University
([email protected])

Hassan Ibrahim, Senior Producer, Al-Jazeera, Quatar
(See "Geneva Convention at a Glance" on Al-Jazeera Web Site

Admiral Eugene Laroque, Center for Defense Information, Washington

Marjorie Cohn, Thomas Jefferson Law School, San Diego
See "Pyrrhic Victory?"

Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange and Code Pink (
See "Reasons to Oppose the Occupation of Iraq"

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