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Democracy Now! – April 25, 2012

Hundreds Protest at DOJ to Demand Federal Probe of Alleged Racism in Mumia Abu-Jamal Conviction; 1-T Day: As U.S. Student Debt Hits $1 Trillion, Occupy Protests Planned for Campuses Nationwide; Exclusive: Mumia Abu-Jamal Speaks from Prison on Life After Death Row and His Quest for Freedom; Exclusive: Mumia Abu-Jamal and Danny Glover Speak for First Time Ever on Democracy NowI.

April 25, 2012

    Romney Seals GOP Bid With Primary Wins
    Bradley Manning Lawyers Request Dismissal in WikiLeaks Case
    Reports: Syrian Troops Target Protesters After U.N. Monitors Depart
    Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile
    Israel Legalizes West Bank Settlement Outposts
    Study: More Mexicans Now Leaving the U.S. Than Arriving
    Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law
    BP Engineer Faces First-Ever Criminal Charges for Oil Spill
    Hundreds Protest Wells Fargo Meeting, 24 Arrested
    U.S. Grants Visa to Pakistani Lawyer for Drone Victims
    DOJ Denies Bid to Reopen Probe of Kent State Shootings
    Israeli Lawmakers Pose for Mocking Photo on Evicted Palestinian Family’s Sofa
    First U.S. Mad Cow Case in 6 Years Found in California
    Chicago Activists Decry Limits on Planned NATO Protests

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