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Gulf Oil Spill: BP Execs Escape Punishment as Fallout from Disaster Continues to Impact Sea Life; More Secrets on Growing State Surveillance: Exclusive Part 2 With NSA Whistleblower, Targeted Hacker.

April 23, 2012

    George Zimmerman Released From Jail on $150,000 Bail
    U.S. To Impose Sanctions For Technology-Aided Human Rights Abuses
    U.N. Security Council Agrees To Deploy 300 Observers to Syria
    Report: U.S. To Defend Afghanistan Until 2014
    Walmart Faces Bribery Scandal in Mexico
    ALEC’s Charity Status Challenged by Watchdog Group
    French Socialist Candidate Beats Sarkozy in First Round Vote
    North Carolina’s Racial Justice Act Leads to Death Penalty Commutation
    United Nations to Probe Plight of Native Americans
    33 Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested Outside Hancock Air Field Base
    Study: Sunday Talk Shows Have Conservative, White, Male Skew

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