The Morning Show

The Morning Show – December 10, 2003

7:00 am
Election Results from San Francisco
Tim Redmond, executive editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian,

7:30 am
David Bacon on Labor: Stuart Acuff, director of organizing for the AFL-CIO
Re: demonstrations for the right to organize, Tu Do, Sec. Treasures of Local #2 of the SF Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union, Peter Olney, co-Director of the Institute for Labor and Employment at UC Berkeley.

8:00 am
Spirituality and Politics: Ttribute to Father Bill O’Donnell. Joanna Macy, Buddhist and Deep Ecologist, author of Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age and World as Lover, World as Self, and David Muhammed, Roger Gottlieb, Prof. of Philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, author of Joining Hands: Politics and Religion Together for Social Change editor of Liberating Faith: Religious Voices for Justice, Peace and Ecological Wisdom.

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