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Democracy Now! – April 12, 2012

45 Days After Killing Trayvon Martin & Sparking National Outcry, George Zimmerman Finally Charged; Connecticut Poised to Repeal Death Penalty as Momentum Grows for Supreme Court Challenge; Outrage over “Stand Your Ground” Laws After Trayvon Martin Killing Sparks Corporate Exodus from ALEC; Grand Jury Hears Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. Case As Autopsy Casts Further Doubt on Police Claims.

April 12, 2012

    Zimmerman Arrested, Charged with 2nd-Degree Murder
    Syria Ceasefire Begins, But Troops Still in Civilian Areas
    Major Clashes Erupt Between Sudan and South Sudan
    Interim President Takes Office in Mali
    Connecticut Lawmakers Vote to Abolish Death Penalty
    Audio: Man Killed by North Chicago Police Begged for His Life
    Immigrants Ambushed, Killed by Armed Militia in Arizona
    Report Condemns Police Pepper-Spraying at UC Davis
    Video: Teenager Electrically Shocked at School for Disabled
    Supreme Court Case May Challenge Citizens United
    DOJ Sues Apple, Publishers over E-Book Pricing
    Bangladeshi Labor Activist Tortured, Murdered
    Algerian Independence Leader Ahmed Ben Bella Dead at 93

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