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Democracy Now! – April 11, 2012

Active-Duty Army Whistleblower Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: U.S. Deceiving Public on Afghan War; Grand Jury Probes Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. Amidst Broad Allegations of Police Misconduct.

April 11, 2012

    Indian Ocean on Tsunami Alert After Indonesia Earthquake
    Santorum Drops Bid for GOP Nomination
    Obama Touts “Buffett” Tax on Wealthiest Americans
    Syria: Violence Continues Ahead of Ceasefire Deadline
    Syrian Refugees Flood Turkey; Official Warns of Impact on Iraq
    North Korea Draws Warnings for Rocket Launch
    1.5 Million Children Face Starvation in West Africa
    Lawsuit Challenges Nevada Same-Sex Marriage Ban
    Defense Lawyer Drops Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman
    McDonald’s, Gates Foundation Cut Ties to Right-wing ALEC
    Arizona Prosecutor, Arpaio Ally Disbarred for Politically Motivated Cases

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