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Democracy Now! – March 12, 2012

Afghan Massacre: Peace Groups Call for U.S. Withdrawal After Army Sergeant Kills 16 Afghan Civilians; Kathy Kelly on Afghan Humanitarian Crisis, Civilian Casualties and Drone Warfare; Contamination Fears Linger For Japanese Children, Workers One Year After Fukushima Meltdown; Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima Meltdown Could Result in 1 Million Cases of Cancer.

March 12, 2012

    16 Afghan Civilians Massacred by U.S. Sergeant
    21 Palestinians in Gaza Die in Israeli Air Strikes
    Memorials Mark First Anniversary of Japan’s Nuclear Crisis
    Santorum Wins in Kansas, Romney Takes Wyoming
    Dozens Killed in Syria As Kofi Annan Leaves Without Deal on Truce
    U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen Kill 25
    100,000 March in Largest Bahraini Pro-Democracy Rally
    Egyptian Military Court Acquits Doctor in Virginity Test Case
    NAACP Seeks United Nations Help to Fight New Voting Laws in U.S.
    Coalition of Immokalee Workers End Six-Day Fast For Fair Food
    AFL-CIO to Endorse Obama
    Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist Sherwood Rowland, 84, Dies


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