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Nada Bakri, Widow of Anthony Shadid, on Her Husband’s Life and Posthumous Memoir, “House of Stone”; Women Fight Back as Virginia, Georgia Curb Reproductive Rights: “When We’re Screwed, We Multiply.”

March 8, 2012

    Admin Orders Military Planning for Syria Intervention
    Syrian Minister Defects From Assad Gov’t
    U.N. Humanitarian Chief Visits “Completely Destroyed” Neighborhood in Homs
    17 Killed in Iraq Attacks
    6 U.K. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
    U.S. Probes Afghan Air Force for Drug, Weapons Trafficking
    Egypt: Court Cancels Death Penalty for Sole Policeman Tried in Protest Deaths
    Rollback of Reproductive Rights Advances in Multiple States
    Cuba to Avoid OAS Meeting Following U.S. Objection
    Report: Number of U.S. Hate Groups on the Rise
    Lawsuit Seeks Voting Rights for California Prisoners

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