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Democracy Now! – March 7, 2012

Romney Wins 6 “Super Tuesday” States, But GOP Faces Long Road to Choosing a Nominee; Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Progressive Mainstay in Congress, Loses Dem. Primary in Redrawn Ohio District; Vermont Voters Back Grassroots Campaign to Abolish Corporate Personhood; Rep. Donald Payne (1934 – 2012): Remembering New Jersey’s First African-American Member of Congress; LulzSec Cyber Activists Arrested With Help of Hacking Group’s Former Leader — Is Assange Next?

March 7, 2012

    Romney Claims Slim Ohio Victory in “Super Tuesday” Vote
    Kucinich Loses Democratic Primary in New Ohio District
    Vermont Towns Approve Challenge to Citizens United
    U.S., Allies to Resume Nuclear Talks with Iran
    Obama Challenges GOP Critics on Iran Military Strike
    Panetta to AIPAC: U.S. Would Use Force Against Iran if Needed
    Netanyahu Holds Talks with Congressional Leaders
    Abandoned Israeli Mortar Kills 2 Palestinian Children
    Man Mistakenly Deported from U.S. Died in Honduras Prison Fire
    Leaders in Eastern Libya to Seek Semi-Autonomy
    Syria: U.N. Humanitarian Chief Heads to Homs as China Pulls Workers
    Obama Forecasts Downfall of Assad Regime in Syria
    Avalanche Kills 42 in Northeastern Afghanistan
    Central American Leaders to Debate Drug Legalization
    4 Soldiers Face Court-Martial in Death of Army Private Danny Chen
    Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin Voter ID Law
    Thousands Join New York City Protest “Line” Against Unemployment


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