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Jeremy Scahill: U.S. Has Ignited Islamist Uprising in Impoverished, Divided Yemen; Iran Tensions Rise With Diplomat Bombings, Scientist Killings, Nuke Claims and Media War-Mongering; Deadly Fire at Overcrowded Prison Adds to Worsening Toll in Post-Coup Honduras.

Headlines | Feb 16, 2012

    Karzai Confirms U.S.-Afghan Talks with Taliban
    NATO Resumes Prisoner Transfers to Afghan Jails
    U.S. Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan
    Iran Touts Nuclear Advances, Proposes Talks
    Syrian Troops Widen Crackdown to Daraa
    Report: Libyan Militias Torturing Gaddafi Loyalists
    Report: Global Malnutrition Kills 5 Children Per Minute
    U.N. Urges Aid Boost for West African Drought
    Obama Ignores Collective Bargaining Struggle in Wisconsin Speech
    World Bank Head Robert Zoellick to Step Down


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