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Santorum Wins GOP Contests in 3 States as Evangelical Vote Surges and Pro-Romney Spending Dips; As Contraceptives Rule Enters GOP Race, Will Reproductive Rights Affect 2012 Election?; Ramarley Graham: NYPD Slays Unarmed Black Teen as Outrage Over Targeting of People of Color Grows.

Headlines | Feb 08, 2012

    Santorum Campaign Rises With 3-State Victory
    Court Overturns California Same-Sex Marriage Ban
    Komen Exec Behind Planned Parenthood De-Funding Resigns
    Drone Attack Kills 10 in Pakistan
    U.S. May Cut Iraqi Embassy Staff By Half
    CIA to Keep Massive Covert Presence in Iraq, Afghanistan
    Syria: Dozens Killed as Homs Siege Continues
    UNICEF: 400 Children Killed in Syria
    Study: Homegrown Muslim Extremists Pose “Miniscule Threat”
    South Carolina Sues Justice Dept. to Uphold Voter ID Law


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