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Radio Chronicles – Inauguration 2009: Bay Area Youth Speak Out (BAYSO)

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In the first half hour of today's Radio Chronicles, Morgan Wilson, Tenia Jane White and Price Greer, three children who traveled from Oakland to Washington, D. C. via charter bus, along with Michael Kinane, a member of the People to People delegation, take us on a journey to the 2009 Inauguration through their experience. Also, Sarah Kinane talks about what it was like for her brother to be gone from home to Washington, D. C. Then, in the second half hour, hear Jimmy Kansau, vocal director of the San Francisco Boys Chorus, as well as four members of the chorus who made their way to the inauguration: Zachary Weisberg, Zachary Pederson, Duane Marcel Smith, Jr. (DJ) and Yohann Joson share stories of glee about their travels to D.C. The show closes out with San Francisco Girls Chorus Artistic Director, Susan McMane and SF Girls Chorus members Emma Ulriksen, Amelia de Snoo and Gelyna Price recount their journey across country to witness the historic inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Hear these heartfelt stories today on the Radio Chronicles on KPFA, 94.1FM, and online at Hosted and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.


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