APEX Express

APEX Express – January 26, 2012

Tonight, we have a live band in studio on APEX!  Bandung 55 is a newly formed Bay Area- based funk/soul/hip hop band, made up of 6 Filipino activists/organizers/musicians. They’ll bless APEX with a few live performances throughout the night, and we’ll sit down with them for intimate interviews to hear their history as a band and as organizers, and to ask why art is a form of their political work.  

We’ll also talk more about how API’s have used culture in historical political movements, here in the US and in our homelands – and we’ll bring back the voices of critical API political artists such as Chris Iijima and Mike Dream.  Don’t miss this show!!

Hosted by Ellen Choy.

MC Kiwi and Guitarist Paul Bolick of Bandung55 (photo by Vay Hoang)

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