Jazz Bar with Spliff Skankin

From Ali Akbar Kahn to Fado to Qawaali-Jazz-Hindustani-classical-Ghazal-rock-electronica and Jelaluddin Rumi – January 8, 2012

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@ 10 pm, filmaker Joshua Dylan Mellars will be the featured guest on Sunday Night Live on KPFA, 94.1 fm. We will explore his fascinating journey into filmaking and hear excerpts from 2 of his award winning music documentaries:
– “Play Like a Lion, The Legacy of Maestro Ali Albar Khan with Alam Kahn” (also featuring Carlos Santana, Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain and Derek Trucks)
– and his film on Fado, “Heaven’s Mirror, A Portuguese Voyage”

@ 11:30 pm on Sunday Night Live, KPFA 94.1 fm, and streaming live to the web at kpfa.org
Led by Pakastini-born brother-sister duo Riffat Sultana and Sukhawat Ali Khan, the world fusion band Shabaz boasts an eleven-generation continuum. At the heart of the band are two children of the great classical singer Salamat Ali Khan. Their lineage extends back to court singers for Akbar the Great. Sukhawat and Riffat joined with Riffat’s husband Richard Michos, guitarist/producer, to apply their classical chops to a ravishing fusion of danceable Qawaali-Jazz-Hindustani-classical-Ghazal-rock-electronica. Multi-instrumentalist Charles Moselle recently joined the band and will appear with Riffat and Richard for our live interview. https://www.facebook.com/events/295138030529926/

@ 12:45, Dan Zola and his “Great Night of Rumi Harvest.” http://www.thefreight.org/great-night-rumi-his-soul-friends

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