Making Contact

Making Contact – Gang Injunctions: Problem or Solution?

It’s called a gang injunction.  A controversial crime tool strategy that some people say should be illegal, and others say is a necessary last resort for communities plagued by violence.   On this edition, we go from the birthplace of gang injunctions in Los Angeles, to their newest use in London, England.  Almost 30 years later, communities remain divided about the best way to address youth violence and crime.

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Angela Davis , Critical resistance founder; Freddie Hamilton, Oakland police lieutenant: Michael Muskin, man named in Fruitvale Gang Injunction; Scott Peterson, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce public policy director; Danielle Rocha, Youth Empowerment School senior: K.E.V., Oakland-based MC; Sagnicthe Salazar, Youth Together organizer; Cesar Cruz, Homies Empowerment program co-founder; Kim McGill, Youth Justice Coalition organizer; Rosio Fiero, attorney for the city of Oakland; Kwame Nitoto, Oakland Parents Together parent education project director; Meriea Jones, Cory Jenkins, Destiny McNeil, Mohammad El-Zafri, Santa Fe Elementary School students; Jonathan Toy, Southwark Council head of community safety; Emeka Egbuonu; youth worker at The Crib; Michael Bailey, young person at The Crib, Russell Higgs, Pembury Estate resident


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Map of North Oakland gang Injunction


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North Side Oakland injunction report November 2011

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