Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – December 13, 2011

Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party 2012 Bid Against Obama, GOP; Occupy Protesters Join to Shut Down Major Western Ports, Targeting Goldman Sachs; “The Arab People Have Woken Up”: Yemeni Activist Tawakkul Karman Accepts Nobel Peace Prize.


    Canada Withdraws from Kyoto Climate Change Treaty
    Human Rights Advocate Moncef Marzouki Sworn in as President of Tunisia
    Over 1,000 Occupy Protesters Join to Shut Down Major Western Ports
    NYPD Officers Arrest Media in Effort to Break Up Occupy Solidarity Demonstration
    Anti-Nuclear Activists Invoke Occupy Tactics in Vermont Demonstration; 11 Arrested
    Bill Allowing For Indefinite Military Detention of Americans Passes House, Senate
    Obama, Maliki Agree: Troop Pull-Out Will Not End U.S. Involvement in Iraq
    U.N. Human Rights Chief: More Than 5,000 Killed in Syrian Crackdown
    Supreme Court Will Hear Lawsuit Challenging Controversial Arizona Immigration Law
    Report: Wealthy Americans Would Benefit Most From Gingrich Tax Plan
    Physicians Call on Obama to Investigate Massacre of 2,000 Taliban Prisoners
    Study Confirm Link Between Mountaintop Coal Removal Mining, Degradation of Water Quality

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