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At Durban Summit, Leading African Activist Calls U.S. Emissions Stance “A Death Sentence for Africa”; Indigenous Activists From Canada Protest Tar Sands Oil at Durban Climate Change Summit; U.S. Focus on China, India Emissions Burdens World’s Poor, Skirts Own Responsibility–Praful Bidwai; Labor Leaders Call for Review of Decision to Host 2013 U.N. Climate Talks in Qatar.

    •    50 Killed in Afghan Bombing Targeting Shia Worshippers
    •    Pakistan Boycotts Summit on Afghanistan in Germany
    •    France, Germany Call for Altering E.U. Treaty in Response to Debt Crisis
    •    Senate Dems Press New Vote on Payroll Tax Cut
    •    Activists Begin “Take Back the Capitol” Week in D.C.
    •    Occupy Arrests Continue Nationwide
    •    Hundreds Arrested Protesting Russian Elections
    •    Japanese Nuclear Plant Releases More Radioactive Water
    •    Report: Massey Faces Record Fine for West Virginia Mine Explosion
    •    2011 Right Livelihood Recipients Honored in Stockholm

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